IP Practice Operational Analysis is your safeguard in the complex world of intellectual property management. It’s not just about securing legal rights; it’s about ensuring the administrative gears are running smoothly. Regular evaluations of your IP operations are essential to prevent lost rights, reputational damage, and malpractice risks.

Our first step? A thorough IP database audit to guarantee data accuracy, leading to improved data quality and reduced risks of costly filing errors, filing and response delays, and missed deadlines.  This audit will include:

90 Day review of PAIR/TSDR correspondence to ensure all mail have been viewed and save it to your document management system.

Docket review to ensure that PAIR/TSDR mail items have been docketed.

Check the status of formalities reporting  clients, such as filing receipts, assignments for signature and Notices of Recordation (NORs), as well as letters patents and registration certificates.

Check client contact databases to ensure all contact information is up to date.

Database audit starting at $1000.

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