(50% reduction in service fees for firms with less then 50 employees)

Patent Application Formalities

Preparation of Provisional Patent Application Filing Documents  $100

Preparation of Non‐Provisional Patent Application  Filing Documents  $140

Preparation of Information Disclosure Statement  $100 up to 20 patent references, 10 non-patent references and/or 10 foreign references — plus $10 for each additional reference 

Preparation of  Preliminary Amendments  $75

Preparation of Amendment Response Shells  $75

Petition Preparation  (i.e. certificate of correction, inventor correction)  $90 per transaction

Trademark Application Formalities

Preparation of Trademark Application  $120

Preparation of Trademark Office Action Responses  $100

Preparation of Trademark Allowance Formalities  $100

Trademark Searches  $80 per mark

General IP Services

Coordination of Foreign Filings  $110 Per Country

Coordination of Foreign Formalities  $90 Per Country

Preparation of General Formalities  (i.e. declarations, powers of attorney, assignment preparation)  $50 per document

Patent and Trademark Mail Retrieval and Daily Mail Log Preparation  $50 per mail log

Reporting Letters  (i.e. application filing report, office action report)  $50

Preparation of Case Status Reports  $100

Coordination of Maintenance Fees, Annuities and Renewal Fees  $60 Per Country

Other Services   $50 Per Hour